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It was in 2013 when Awesome Cardiff started, eventually ending it's content distribution in 2018 and completely closing it's doors in 2021. Awesome Cardiff was a digital media company aiming to achieve a number of objectives helping Wales, Cardiff and everyone living in the city. Awesome Cardiff would go on to contribute in helping events in the city from concerts, tourism events and so much more.

The set objectives for Awesome Cardiff to achieve were:

1) To showcase Cardiff Culture

2) To help tourism in Cardiff

3) To promote Cardiff events to local people in Cardiff

4) To show how Cardiff has changed from its past to its present using photography to show exactly that

5) To promote good causes in Cardiff

6) To offer digital marketing services to businesses to help with sustainability

Each of these objectives was achieved through the work we published on our social media platforms. Follow the links below to see work carried out that helped us achieve these objectives.

Awesome Cardiff amassed a large volume of photos. Awesome Cardiff was able to demonstrate Cardiff culture of many types showing how diverse the city is as well as show how the city has changed from its past to present.

Awesome Cardiff carried out a lot of volunteering work to help charitable organisations in Cardiff helping them achieve the goals they needed to achieve in order to help people.

Awesome Cardiff worked for some great brands and were even picked up by Twitter. We promoted content to places all over the world and to thousands of local followers.

Awesome Cardiff's main goal was always to help the city with tourism. We can confidently say that while Awesome Cardiff was running we promoted the city to thousands of people home and abroad.