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Thanks for visiting our website. Awesome Cardiff served the Cardiff public from 2013 to 2018 with some great work produced. Follow the options below to take a look at what Awesome Cardiff was, the work we carried out, some achievement highlights and how we achieved our tourism goals.

Awesome Cardiff was setup for a number of reasons mainly to serve the Cardiff public. We called our model the win win model as it would be serving everyone in Cardiff, whoever you were in the city we were going to support the city and we say with confidence we really did.

We carried out a lot of volunteering work to help charitable organisations in Cardiff helping them achieve the goals they needed to achieve in order to help people.

Awesome Cardiff worked for some great brands and were even picked up by Twitter. We promoted content to places all over the world and to thousands of local followers.

Awesome Cardiff's main goal was always to help the city with tourism. We can confidently say that while Awesome Cardiff was running we promoted the city to thousands of people home and abroad.