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Work Awesome Cardiff
has carried out for
Save the Coal Exchange

We worked with the Save the Coal Exchange campaign helping them raise awareness of the Coal Exchange building and its future. Awesome Cardiff is not a platform for politics but we feel we played a big part in helping raise awareness on Coal Exchange topics such as, what do people want to see the Coal Exchange become?

We reached thousands of people through our social media platforms. Here are publications we ran engaging our followers with the Save the Coal Exchange campaign.

We gained a great testimonial from the Chair of Save the Coal Exchange.

"Awesome Cardiff has given solid and helpful support to Save The Coal Exchange taking superb photos for social media platforms, on top of this, Awesome Cardiff has been unfailingly helpful, inventive and energetic and a pleasure to all who work with them here."

Lisa Power MBE, Chair, Save The Coal Exchange

Here are a range of photos we took at the Coal Exchange that helped raise awareness on our platforms of the buildings future.

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