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Dear hackers.

We just wanted to reach out to see if we can help you. This is not a call out to mock you, it is a genuine call to you to try and help you. We know you have been hacking computers and website’s for a long time, putting in spelling mistakes, trying to use toxic words to fuel paranoia and to trigger mental illness conditions that can have a negative affect on people causing them harm. But it is ok. We are more concerned about you at this point.

To carry out hacking for such a long time, years on end and to harass people who have done good work for Cardiff and Wales, suggests to us that you could have some mental illness conditions yourself. We just want to say there is hope for you.

Clearly there is a moral integrity issue going on within your life. You lack good behaviour, empathy and integrity, to keep on hacking a website to try and hurt someone’s mental illness suggests so, there seems to be a lack of conscience. But don't sweat it we have all been there in some way or another. Our advice to you is to seek help because you can turn around this behaviour and start being a good influence in this world.

You can explain the condition you have with a doctor, for example why you do what you do, and start the process off where you can get better. These bullying tactics should not define who you are, and what you have done over the years hacking people and having no moral integrity should not define you in the future when you turn it around. Don’t get us wrong nobody is perfect, life is for learning and getting better. We have seen people who have made big mistakes in life and turned it all around, so there is hope for anyone including you.

Not all people's motivations are based around great wealth, motivation can be based on helping people rather than gaining financially, or helping the city they are from when it comes to tourism or helping an event.

The main point is seek help and you can sort out whatever demons you are fighting that motivates you to want to hack people and bully people. We encourage you to make that step and go for it, be an amazing person and go and help this world.

We wish you all the best with the journey you are going to go on and our thoughts and prayers are with you. If you do manage to become a better person, no hard feelings we seriously mean this and wish the best for you :)

Best Wishes

Awesome Cardiff