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Work Awesome Cardiff
has carried out for
Cardiff Boat

We have carried out a number of services for Cardiff Boat from digital promotions to other digital services, we have received some great feedback along the way.

Here is a testimonial we received from Cardiff Boat.

"Awesome Cardiff is helping Cardiff Boat Tours (Princess Katharine) with promotion on social media using excellent quality photography. Passenger numbers are increasing steadily and we attribute this to exposure on Awesome Cardiff as a major factor.

Our recent progress meeting indicated the upward trend. Cardiff Boat (Princess Katharine) carried 70,000 passengers in 2014 and this includes a pleasing increase during the quieter months.

We are confident that Awesome Cardiff has played a significant part in this increase, and making people in Cardiff aware of the link between the City and Cardiff Bay along the River Taff and the presence of a boat with the capacity to service this route. We look forward to working with Awesome Cardiff going forward as the future of water travel in Cardiff develops"

Here are a few digital photos we have taken for Cardiff Boat.

Awesome Cardiff promoting
Cardiff Boat through
our Social Media

We have carried out a number of Facebook publications for Cardiff Boat helping promote the boat route from the City Centre to Cardiff Bay, take a look below.

We can help you achieve
your digital goals

We know how to carry out work for prestigious events and brands like Cardiff Boat, we have promoted events infront of thousands of people and provided high quality services.

Whatever your digital need we can help. If you are a business, charity, whatever the organisation we will help you achieve your digital goals. So get in touch we are happy to help you.