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Awesome Cardiff
photos used
in prominent
trade brochures

Photos taken working for top brands have been used in print and digital being published in tourism brochures, posters and trade brochures. We start off with photos taken by Awesome Cardiff for Cardiff Castle being displayed on banners outside Cardiff Castle.

Photos taken featured two years running in the Cardiff Castle brochure 2016 and 2017.

Photos taken have found there way into trade magazines. The first trade journal where photos were featured for Chapter are shown below in Chamber Chat.

Photos taken featured in the FSB The Voice magazine shown below.

Here are photos taken finding there way into the Cardiff Metropolitan University Food Directory brochure.

This evidence
shows we can help you
achieve your digital goals

Our digital photos being used and displayed in prominent trade brochures means you can trust us to deliver for you to.

Whatever your digital need we can help. If you are a business, charity, whatever the organisation we will help you achieve your digital goals. So get in touch we are happy to help you.